“Grateful Dead by Dragonfly Vintage Shirt Black Bertha Roses Button Up Shirt”


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This shirt is a vintage item made by Dragonfly, featuring a black color with a floral pattern, short sleeves, a button closure, and a collared neckline. It is made of polyester and is machine washable. The shirt is breathable and lightweight, suitable for fall, spring, and summer seasons. The country/region of manufacture is Korea, Republic of.

There is damaged (rips on either side of the seam) – please review pictures.    The shirt never been worn _ the damage seems to have been there when the shirt was first purchased and not noticed.   This shirt in good condition sells for over $120

Suggested ways fix the tears:

Stitching: This is the most efficient way to repair a tear in polyester fabric. You’ll need a polyester patch and either a sewing machine or a needle and thread. The process involves selecting a patch that matches the color of the fabric, placing it on the backside of the fabric, and stitching the tear in a zigzag pattern. This method is suitable if you have sewing experience or access to a sewing machine.

Applying Iron-On Patch: For those without sewing experience, an iron-on patch is a convenient option. You’ll need an iron-on patch designed for polyester, parchment paper or a cotton cloth, and an iron. The patch should be placed over the tear, covered with the parchment paper or cotton cloth, and then ironed on with the iron set to the lowest heat. This method is quick and doesn’t require sewing skills.

Using Fabric Glue: The simplest method involves using fabric glue and a polyester-friendly patch. Apply a bit of fabric glue to the edges of the patch and align it on the back of the torn area. Press gently for 30-40 seconds to adhere. This method is ideal for quick fixes and doesn’t require any sewing or ironing.

These methods are effective for repairing tears in polyester fabric and can be a selling point for your listing, emphasizing the ease of DIY repairs. For more detailed steps and additional information, you can refer to the full article on Home Arise.

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