🎶 Vintage 1994 Grateful Dead T-Shirt by Liquid Blue – A Piece of Rock History! 🎶


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Step into a psychedelic era with this authentic 1994 Grateful Dead T-shirt, designed by the renowned artist Buzz Parker. This light tie-dye masterpiece is a must-have for any Deadhead or vintage clothing enthusiast.

FRONT DESIGN: The iconic “Steal Your Face” emblem takes center stage, rendered in a melting red, white, and blue pattern that seems to drip right off the fabric. It’s a visual representation of the Grateful Dead’s timeless music, captured in a mesmerizing design.

REVERSE DESIGN: Turn the shirt around to find “GRATEFUL DEAD” emblazoned across the back. The words are separated by a splat from the dripped face on the front, with the iconic lightning bolt striking through the center. It’s a bold red, white, and blue statement that echoes the band’s rebellious spirit.

CONDITION: This shirt has lived through the ages and carries a few tiny brown spots and a minuscule tear by the shoulder, as shown in the photos. These minor imperfections add to its vintage charm, telling a story of concerts attended and memories made.

BRAND & ARTIST: Crafted by Liquid Blue and designed by Buzz Parker, this shirt is a genuine piece of art. It’s not just clothing; it’s a wearable piece of rock ‘n’ roll history.

Don’t miss your chance to own this rare Grateful Dead collectible. Whether you’re reliving the ’90s or discovering the magic for the first time, this shirt will make you feel right there at the concert. Order now and keep the music playing!

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